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An Institute Established by Airline Pilots for Aspiring Pilots

Let your dreams take flight!

With over 37 years of quality training and experience in the United States of America, Flying Academy provides top-notch pilot training for all those who wish to fly professionally or just for leisure!

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Why chose Us?

Exceptional Fleet

Top-of-the-line fleet with over 40 aircraft, with an impeccable safety record, and our own maintenance crew of the highest excellence in the field.

Modern Technology

Continuous innovation keeps us from the competition not only by global presence but also by technology. State-of-the-art studios and modern equipment dedicated to LIVE online lectures and virtual classrooms.

Strategically located bases

Established global presence with bases strategically located around the world, with 6 bases and 7 offices, making Flying Academy a trusted and sustainable institution.

Take a Discovery Flight

Hop on our discovery flight and get first-hand experience of what it is like to be a Pilot! Explore the beautiful scenic views and the pleasant weather of Los Angeles, California, also you have the opportunity to bring a friend to share this adventure with! 


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Available Airplanes

Our Training Programs

Become a pilot with Flying Academy

Flying Academy offers a variety of training programs catering to all pilot dreamers! Whether flying for fun or beginning your career as a pilot, we offer both leisure and professional pilot training programs.

Private Pilot

The PPL is the first step towards becoming a professional pilot. With remote theory courses, you can complete your ground training from home.

Discovery Flight

A Discovery/Intro flight ensures you the thrill of flying before you step into your pilot career or simply get a taste of what it is like to be a pilot and take control of the cockpit.

Instrument Rating

This Rating extends the privileges of PPL(A) or CPL(A), and allows pilots to fly according to IFR in cloudy weather or any other circumstance of reduced visibility.

Commercial Pilot

The FAA Online CPL course is one of the most important steps in your pilot training. Provided through this course are all theoretical materials and tools necessary in order to obtain your commercial pilot license under FAA regulations.

What are you waiting for? Let your dreams take flight!

Our mission is a commitment to our students based on personal approach and care, and to guide and shape them into the best professional pilots they dream to be. Take a step forward and let your dreams take flight!

Build your flight hours at Flying Academy with special rental offers. With our international bases, you have the opportunity to experience different cultures and countries, while building your hours. 

Our Fleet


Flying Academy, one of the leading global flight schools, is proud to present our fleet. It consists of single and multi-engine aircraft maintained at the highest levels of safety. The whole fleet, at both continents where we operate, consists of over 40 aircraft.

Gain Financial Aid for Training

Meet the requirements and attain financial aid for your pilot training with ease and flexibility. 

Don’t miss out on the exciting Time Building offers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Flying Academy provides full support for all students, in terms of visa procedures and throughout the entire pilot training program. Don’t be shy, just inquire! 

How long does it take to get PPL Certification?

The theoretical training consists of 9 subjects, where classes are conducted on a daily basis. After which, a written examination will be conducted at an FAA approved training center where you will be required to demonstrate your theoretical knowledge and must acquire a minimum of 70%, which is a passing score. Students must complete a minimum of 35 hours of flight under Part 141 and a minimum of 40 hours of flight under Part 61. The successful demonstration of these skills through a practical and oral exam will certify students with a PPL. 

What are the minimum requirements to become a pilot?

You must meet the basic FAA criteria:

  • Be at least 16 years old .
  • Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language.
  • Hold at least a third class medical certificate from an aviation medical examiner (AME), who is an FAA-approved doctor, if you’re pursuing a recreational or private pilot certificate.   
Do you accept international students at Flying Academy?

Flying Academy is International Flight Training Center that creates a multicultural learning environment. With students from all around the world. This intercultural competency will help students feel comfortable working in different countries throughout their career or sharing the cockpit of an airline with a pilot from another culture.

What do I need to be able to start the training?

To start your training you will need the right visa (if a visa is needed), health or travel insurance, proof of identity, and diploma or certificate of your highest education. We will also schedule you for the Medical examination as soon as possible so that you’ll be able to fly solo.

Have Any Questions?

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About Us

Our bases are strategically located to satisfy the needs of aviation students around the world. Currently, we operate three bases in the US. In the greater Los Angeles area, Flying Academy is located in Corona and Van Nuys. Not to exclude the east coast, we have an additional base in sunny Miami. Across the pond, we have two bases in the Czech Republic (Prague and Brno) and Bad Voslau, Austria (just outside of Vienna). 

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Copyright©Flying Academy 2021.All Right Reserved.